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  • Denise Mann, Head of Operations, Bernard Matthews Farms

    "During the years we have worked with Contract Personnel they have risen to the challenges of the business and provided an excellent standard of supply for our needs. Bernard Matthews is a particularly labour intensive processing plant and Contract Personnel's attention to detail for supply has been to a very high standard."

Gogohares 2018 Unveiling

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On Thursday 31st May, we proudly unveiled our freshly painted Go Go Hare for the very first time! 

For the launch event, we partnered up with our local solicitors Clapham & Collinge and celebrated two business’ coming together to support their beautiful city and a regional charity.  We are proud to say the launch of our two beautiful hares also hit the papers!

Batgirl and Robyn (pictured below) were designs chosen by both us and Clapham & Collinge, our fellow local Norfolk business based just down the road from us.  The two characters are based on the famous superhero duo - Batman and Robin though with a classic female twist!

Robyn &Bagirl

We chose Robyn specifically, as a glamourous superhero sidekick, inspired by the part we play in our candidates and clients lives!  At Contract Personnel we like to think of ourselves as your loyal and trustworthy partner here for when you need us; just as Robin is to Batman.  We also wanted a character who was current and fun like us! 

Our beautiful Robyn was designed and painted by the lovely Hilary Sanderson whose work is well known amongst the gogotrails up and down the country. 

Historically we have been part of Break charity’s sculpture trail before, back in 2015 with the famous Wonder Dragon who was known as the sassiest dragon around on Twitter.  We were thrilled to once again be a part of the GoGo trail and support Break who do such an incredible job at raising awareness for their charity’s cause: to change young lives.  Break works hard to make life better for vulnerable young people, whether they are in care, need support from life circumstances or have a disability.  For over 50 years, Break has been a regional charity to Norfolk and a very important part of many individuals’ lives – as well as being one we are proud to support alongside Clapham & Collinge as team supergirl!

The trail will officially launch onto the streets of Norwich on the Saturday 24th June and will stay put until the 8th September.  There are so many opportunities to get involved including the gogohares phone app which allows you to tick off each hare as you find it throughout the city, and the gogohare sticker book to collect all the colourful hares in one place! 

Please feel free to visit Robyn at any point - we would love to see your picture with her!

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GoGoHares2018 contract Personnel Team