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Career Advice and Guides

Preparing for a Driving Job Interview - Candidate Guide
Whether you have an interview lined up or you’re planning for the future, it’s always a good idea to be well prepared for an interview and that’s no different for a driving job.
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6 Career Paths for You - Candidate Guide
There are thousands of different jobs on the market and deciding which one is for you can be pretty overwhelming. We’re here to break it down for you, and to help you decide which sector is the right choice for you.
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What to Wear to a Job Interview – Candidate Guide
First impressions are extremely important when attending a job interview. The way you dress and your body language are two key factors of an interviewer making their initial thoughts about you.
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How to Impress in a Phone Interview – Candidate Guide
Phone interviews are the initial screening process for new job opportunities – many think that phone interviews are the easiest stage of the interview process; however, this is not the case.
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Top Body Language Tips for a Job Interview – Candidate Guide
As well as having knowledge and experience of a certain job role, the body language you use in a job interview has an exceptional part to play in convincing your potential employer that you are right for the job.
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Become an Admirable Employment Candidate
Sending out your CV can be a tireless exercise, especially jobs that you think are suited to yourself. Tailoring your covering letter to individual different job roles is also something that takes more time an effort in order to land yourself a job.
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Lorry Driver CPC - Certificate of Professional Competence
The CPC regulations have now come into full force for Commercial Lorry Drivers. Experienced drivers had until 9th September 2014 to obtain their Certificate. The penalty for driving without it is a £1,000 fine.
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HGV Driving Jobs in Norfolk
If you are looking for an HGV driving job in Norfolk, there are a number of factors to bear in mind. Find out here what the job involves, the hours and the qualities a commercial HGV driver needs to be a success.
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LinkedIn Contacts Who Owns Them?
Do your employees use LinkedIn to network during the course of business? Given that there are 15 million LinkedIn members in the UK, the likelihood that these include your employees building their networks for commercial gain is high....
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What Makes a Modern Recruiter?
In the Interconnected World we live in, LinkedIn suggests that the Modern Recruiter needs a wide cross section of skills - both Creative to attract the best candidates and match them with the right clients; and Analytical to research and grasp new technology....
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Understanding Team Dynamics in the Workplace
The one thing that sets apart an average team from an excellent one, is the extent to which the team ‘gels’. It’s that extra degree of commitment that each person has for the others and for their common goals. In short, it’s all about the team ‘dynamic’.
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How to make the most of your temporary agency staff
The sun is out, summer is here and staff holidays are coming around, and with it the danger of dwindling productivity while key members of staff are away on holiday....
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